Saturday, November 5, 2016

U.S Elections: Hilary-ous or Trump-ing ??

U.S Elections: Hilary-ous or Trump-ing ??
Another 4 days to go for the #ElectionDay when #UnitedStatesOfAmerica will vote to elect their 45th #President... 
Practically situation is very difficult to predict... but as per the surveys so far, popular #HilaryClinton seems to be more favourite than controversial #DonaldTrump !!
But #Destiny always has a different script to tell...
and as per the available birth details on the net (which I presume is correct) of both of the aspiring presidential candidates; it's the other way round...
Yes u heard it right... According to the Indian Vedic Astrology; Hillary is running a debilitated Sun main period (in the Swati nakshatra of 8th house rahu) along with Rahu sub period; which can bring defame & turbulence in the career...
On the other hand Trump has a horoscope of a dictator whose 18 years of Rahu period is ending in next few days & auspicious Jupiter Period (in the Chitra nakshatra of yog karaka Mars) placed 11th from Arudh lagna, transiting Jupiter also in the 10th house of power from moon, will be starting for the next 16 years, promising more power, position & recognition for him...
(Based on the birth details on the net)
#Luck is nothing but #Time & as per my study of both the #horoscopes time is supporting Donald Trump !!
May the best person wins...
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

President's House: A Palace of Confinement !!

President's House: A Palace of Confinement !! Maybe I have few words to say about A Queen (read #FirstLady); a painter, a writer, a singer, a wife and the mother of three kids; today she is not among us; she was an exponent of Rabindra Sangeet and was a founder of Geetanjali troupe that has propagated Tagore’s philosophy through his songs, dance and drama. But the touching part of her efforts was, the first lady; could not sing after moving to President’s House; in spite of being a good singer… We live in a democratic country and being a wife of President she could not pursue her passion due to the #Protocol followed at #PresidentHouse ... I could gauge from her conversation with me, that she wanted to fly above her horizon, but could not fly. She has mentioned that she was not allowed to keep her pet dog, she adore like a child, because of protocol... My intention is not to pave a way to be any critic, neither I am part of it, being very simple and having very simple approach, I just want people to be enlighten that "palace" has some rods that are made up of gold...
There are other norms for president living in #RashtrapatiBhavan he & his family needs to follow, though that would be very judgmental for me to discuss at this point; like a separate bed room for the president, family cannot sing or dance or not allowed to keep a pet, to name a few from the list of protocol followed since colonial era… Our constitution gives us freedom to profess any religion and education...
May I ask you all, that why a President's wife can’t sing or get some happiness from the things she adore? That too when she was a diabetic & a heart patient… Why ?? Why it happened??? She might have lived long if she would have been given a chance to be with the things she liked... I still remember she mentioned me, during my astrological session with her at the President’s House; she was almost into depression at that time & I tried my best to motivate her & tried to convince her to be content about being the first lady of this country… But she was very disturbed with the protocol she had to follow… And now I really feel sorry for that… A great soul serves every one all the time… A great soul never dies… May the blessing of love be upon the family, may its peace abide with them, may its essence illuminate their heart, now and forever… May the #Protocol becomes more #Humane#SK

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The judgement day!

9.9.9 looks like a unique date & 9 signifies mars, but this date has more astrological significance than numerological. The brand ambassador of astrology, Saturn will be moving to next sign Virgo after 2.5 years. Saturn is the significator of old age, poverty, grief & delays. Placement of saturn in particular houses with respect to moon is responsible for sade sati and dhaiya.
2.5 years one sign before moon, 2.5 years over the moon sign & 2.5 years next to moon sign is responsible for sadi sati of shani. So three zodiac signs are in the influence of sade sati at one time.
Similarly placement of transit saturn 4th & 8th from natal moon is responsible for dhaiya, also known as 'kantak shani'. So two signs are in influence of dhaiya at one time for 2.5 years.
That means out of 12 Zodiac signs 5 signs will always be in influence of saturn.
People are really scared as they perceive it as the time for hardships. Infact saturn is like a judge who give results as per the deeds. Good karma means good opportunities.
Signs which will feel independence are taurus, cancer & capricorn. Signs which will feel the heat are: gemini, leo, virgo, libra & aquarius.
Best remedy to ward off negative influence is to help needy & poor, don't cheat or deceive any one. Daily prayers & meditation will help in getting lot of mental peace.
So welcome the 'Judge' saturn to reward you as per your credentials & deeds. Wishing every one the blessings of trinity 9.9.9.

Friday, May 22, 2009


swearing in ceromony at 6:30 pm is really a blessing for UPA government. at 6:30 pm fixed sign scorpio will be rising that would be responsible for stable 5 years of strong governance without any hindrances. ruler mars in 5th house along with exhalted Venus is a beautiful combination for dominace and prosperity. 3rd house rahu would be responsible for bold new steps & initiatives to influence the rest of the world & would be responsible for global super power status. placement of Jupiter, saturn, Sun & Mercury in the kendras would be responsible for strong & independent government decisions.
In this Global Economic Meltdown (GEM) scenario, India has a strong chance to gain from this loss of west. Sun is setting in the west & now it’s going to rise in the east. India will become more self dependent specially after forming this stable government. It is a time to look above politics and support for stable governance who can `Lead India` for the `super power` status & help us to overcome this `fear factor`. Astrologically speaking the main period of planet Sun, in Independent India’s Horoscope, is commencing from September 2009 and those six years would be the best for IN-dia to pro(con)gress, the world will vouch for. Jai Ho!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mayawati: The Barack Obama of India!

Mayawati: The lady riding on the elephant of politics is moving slowly & steadily towards new horizons. She is being termed even as Barack Obama of India, breaking the boundaries after winning her state & heading towards Delhi to influence the nation.
One interesting fact is that her arch rival, Mr Amar Singh bears great resemblance with her astrologically. Amar Singh is younger by 12 days & leaving moon, all other 8 planets are same in both the horoscopes, making them best chess players.

This has made both of them tough politicians, great planners & opponents. Ascendant lord Saturn is with Rahu that too in Scorpio makes her the master of political moves.
Her life from rags to riches is a great motivation for the entire world & even reflects the psychology of Indian astrology: Desire & Action can influence your destiny.

She has the power even to influence centre, she has the wealth even she has lost the count of & she has the bigger dreams even big national parties has lost their sleep on.

Good time & bad time see no identity & Mayawati is going through such negative phase. Not only Saturn-Moon period is causing stress even the transit of Saturn & Rahu are not in her favour. She needs to be careful from deception.

Inspite of her not in a position to sit on the highest seat, will play a significant role in hung parliament & will trade her horses in the best possible moves. Her maya-jaal & her growing elephant have a bigger role to play in Elections 2009.

Manmohan Singh: A man of substance!

Manmohan singh: A man of character & caring attitude and because of his clean image he became Prime Minister, Inspite of him being not even in the race. Astrologically speaking when a person is born with sun & Mercury on the ascendant, they say a king is born. May be even he had not thought of becoming a prime minister. Destiny has a big role to play in any one’s life. The karma (deeds) which we do has to be in association with dharma (spirituality) & Mr Manmohan Singh is a living example of this theory.
Mercury is exalted in his chart which is responsible for not only his intellect, but his in depth knowledge in finances. His singhasana yoga is responsible for his great rise. He is running the main period of Rahu, which is very strongly placed in sixth house, the house of enemies. It is called ‘shatru-hanta’ anyone who will go against him will be destroyed, provided they have similar combinations to nullify this potent Rahu.
Having said this, his biggest drawback is his ascendant lord Mercury being exalted in the birth chart, but is debilitated in navamsha. This is the main reason behind his rubber stamp image. He has the position but literally no power. The man has a calibre to pull back his chair; he has fallen love with & sit again for many more years to come, provided retrograde Saturn during election time till 17th may has other plans to redo entire process.

Lal Krishan Advani: The Iron man of Indian politics!

Lal krishan advani: The iron man of Indian politics has to play second fiddle because of his 10th lord Sun being debilitated. He had to play his game under different captains in the past & he wasted his best 16 years serving the party like a loyal worker.
10th house is the most important house for all, as it rules name, fame, position & power. He has got lots of raj yogas, vipreet rajyogas & neech bhang rajyoga; which is responsible for his rise in Indian politics.

His secret of success lays in his energy (Mars) & knowledge (Jupiter). Mars is his ascendant lord, responsible for his never say die kind of attitude. Even in the age of 80+ his energy is better than any other political leader. Jupiter is his 5th lord placed in 5th house, promising his big role in politics; let it be as a leader of opposition or deputy prime minister. He is more critical in his speech because of Mars-Mercury combination, which is responsible for bad public image or in other words he is being misquoted for his speech.

He is a loner from inside & even has a sense of detachment from worldly world. He may even leave the ground after leading his team to near victory and may surprise the world from his sudden retirement. A true Iron man he is, with a sense of responsibility & justice towards mankind, clearly reflecting his strong navamsha, the chart of the past birth.
2009 would be his last chance to steal the victory before this man of calibre bids good bye & hand over the flower to the next nariender of BJP.