Monday, July 7, 2008

ask a question

astrology is a science: agree or disagree?


Neeta gurung said...

Nameskar sir,sory to distrub u la..but i really want to know.... i'm Neeta gurung,born in 1992 june 4th on Bhutan..
time not sure..
i dont know why i allways fail in what ever i do? n i always lose hope in the middle of track...
i finished my class 12 this year but i'm really concernd about the on line result..'ll i get any where?i mean jobs/institutes..
so, i would be very thank ful if u have got any suggestion for me to adopt la..n about my future...too
u can e-mail me at la...
Thanking you,
Neeta gurung...

monikka said...

Hello sir

i am Monika born on 2.11.1980 time of birth 19.52 pm place Mumbai

can you please tell me when will i get married & will it be love r an arrange ?

email id :-