Friday, May 22, 2009


swearing in ceromony at 6:30 pm is really a blessing for UPA government. at 6:30 pm fixed sign scorpio will be rising that would be responsible for stable 5 years of strong governance without any hindrances. ruler mars in 5th house along with exhalted Venus is a beautiful combination for dominace and prosperity. 3rd house rahu would be responsible for bold new steps & initiatives to influence the rest of the world & would be responsible for global super power status. placement of Jupiter, saturn, Sun & Mercury in the kendras would be responsible for strong & independent government decisions.
In this Global Economic Meltdown (GEM) scenario, India has a strong chance to gain from this loss of west. Sun is setting in the west & now it’s going to rise in the east. India will become more self dependent specially after forming this stable government. It is a time to look above politics and support for stable governance who can `Lead India` for the `super power` status & help us to overcome this `fear factor`. Astrologically speaking the main period of planet Sun, in Independent India’s Horoscope, is commencing from September 2009 and those six years would be the best for IN-dia to pro(con)gress, the world will vouch for. Jai Ho!


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