Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mayawati: The Barack Obama of India!

Mayawati: The lady riding on the elephant of politics is moving slowly & steadily towards new horizons. She is being termed even as Barack Obama of India, breaking the boundaries after winning her state & heading towards Delhi to influence the nation.
One interesting fact is that her arch rival, Mr Amar Singh bears great resemblance with her astrologically. Amar Singh is younger by 12 days & leaving moon, all other 8 planets are same in both the horoscopes, making them best chess players.

This has made both of them tough politicians, great planners & opponents. Ascendant lord Saturn is with Rahu that too in Scorpio makes her the master of political moves.
Her life from rags to riches is a great motivation for the entire world & even reflects the psychology of Indian astrology: Desire & Action can influence your destiny.

She has the power even to influence centre, she has the wealth even she has lost the count of & she has the bigger dreams even big national parties has lost their sleep on.

Good time & bad time see no identity & Mayawati is going through such negative phase. Not only Saturn-Moon period is causing stress even the transit of Saturn & Rahu are not in her favour. She needs to be careful from deception.

Inspite of her not in a position to sit on the highest seat, will play a significant role in hung parliament & will trade her horses in the best possible moves. Her maya-jaal & her growing elephant have a bigger role to play in Elections 2009.

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