Sunday, April 12, 2009

Elections 2009 - Rahul Gandhi - A true leader!

Rahul Gandhi: An emotional man due to debilitated moon, Sun on his ascendant gives values & idealism which is his strength, a rare phenomenon among politicians. Mars on his ascendant is making him energetic, strong Jupiter is responsible for his knowledge & due to number one ‘Dharam-karmadhipati rajyoga he has a strong desire to help humanity & mankind.
The negative aspect is his emotional decisions which may be deterrent in so call dirty poll-i-tricks.
A true leader who can wear khadi pyjamas & jeans with equal ease, as they say it is all in the jeans & his jeans are indeed made up of 3 prime ministers from his family. What a man can not choose is, his parents & his start is from 10 janpat, where people even after spending their life time in politics cannot even enter.
He is a natural hirer for Gandhi dynasty. Inspite of all this; astrology has a bigger role to play in deciding the track we follow in life.
Rahul Gandhi is not running a very happy time & may feel low during this all important phase of elections. The reason for his unhappiness is moon-Rahu period & that may result in some emotional setbacks (personal or professional).
His life will change completely after he gets married (lady luck) & possibility is very strong towards the end of this year or early next year.
His stature may keep on increasing in Indian politics. He will definitely become brand ambassador for millions of youth & will set an example of genuine politics with a heart made up of gold to help this country & mankind.

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Anonymous said...

Me too think he will be great leader. I aspect he will give library for each and every person in India In every 3 kM. with minimum charge and open for every child and young and older and poor and rich. These library hlelps to be India rich by good Human beings that make this world heaven.