Sunday, April 12, 2009

Manmohan Singh: A man of substance!

Manmohan singh: A man of character & caring attitude and because of his clean image he became Prime Minister, Inspite of him being not even in the race. Astrologically speaking when a person is born with sun & Mercury on the ascendant, they say a king is born. May be even he had not thought of becoming a prime minister. Destiny has a big role to play in any one’s life. The karma (deeds) which we do has to be in association with dharma (spirituality) & Mr Manmohan Singh is a living example of this theory.
Mercury is exalted in his chart which is responsible for not only his intellect, but his in depth knowledge in finances. His singhasana yoga is responsible for his great rise. He is running the main period of Rahu, which is very strongly placed in sixth house, the house of enemies. It is called ‘shatru-hanta’ anyone who will go against him will be destroyed, provided they have similar combinations to nullify this potent Rahu.
Having said this, his biggest drawback is his ascendant lord Mercury being exalted in the birth chart, but is debilitated in navamsha. This is the main reason behind his rubber stamp image. He has the position but literally no power. The man has a calibre to pull back his chair; he has fallen love with & sit again for many more years to come, provided retrograde Saturn during election time till 17th may has other plans to redo entire process.

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