Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lal Krishan Advani: The Iron man of Indian politics!

Lal krishan advani: The iron man of Indian politics has to play second fiddle because of his 10th lord Sun being debilitated. He had to play his game under different captains in the past & he wasted his best 16 years serving the party like a loyal worker.
10th house is the most important house for all, as it rules name, fame, position & power. He has got lots of raj yogas, vipreet rajyogas & neech bhang rajyoga; which is responsible for his rise in Indian politics.

His secret of success lays in his energy (Mars) & knowledge (Jupiter). Mars is his ascendant lord, responsible for his never say die kind of attitude. Even in the age of 80+ his energy is better than any other political leader. Jupiter is his 5th lord placed in 5th house, promising his big role in politics; let it be as a leader of opposition or deputy prime minister. He is more critical in his speech because of Mars-Mercury combination, which is responsible for bad public image or in other words he is being misquoted for his speech.

He is a loner from inside & even has a sense of detachment from worldly world. He may even leave the ground after leading his team to near victory and may surprise the world from his sudden retirement. A true Iron man he is, with a sense of responsibility & justice towards mankind, clearly reflecting his strong navamsha, the chart of the past birth.
2009 would be his last chance to steal the victory before this man of calibre bids good bye & hand over the flower to the next nariender of BJP.

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